Grace Baptist Church follows the motto of:  Semper Reformanda –  Always Reforming

Originally established as Grace Bible Church, the church has undergone significant changes over the last decade and a half.   After being established in 1979 the church grew modestly and in the late 1990’s began an ambitious building program. During this time the Lord brought Derek Johnson to take pastoral leadership of the congregation.

Under the direction of Bro. Derek, Grace Bible Church began to grow spiritually.  Acknowledging in humility that reformation is something for which all men need to be continually striving, the church went through a period of re-prioritizing and revitalizing. One change instituted was that the church structure was shifted so that family-integration was emphasized.  Another change that occurred was the relocation of the church to a new and more humble setting for a period of years as this spiritual growth continued.

Praise the Lord that during this time God brought families that would influence the church and help it to grow in maturity and spiritual acuity. God also chose to bless families with healthy and growing households. Another part of this growth included the transition from the traditional Pastor/deacon/congregational governance to elder lead polity and the declaration of the London Baptist Confession of 1689 as the church’s confession of faith. In addition, the church realized that a change in name was in order and became Grace Baptist Church reflecting the strong reformed theological roots of the Baptist faith.

In late 2012, after several years of searching, the Lord lead Grace Baptist Church to purchase the old “Slabhouse Restaurant” property.  Since this time, the church has worked to improve the facilities to meet the current and future needs of the church as it continues always reforming by the Grace of God.