“I shall not want”

“The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not want”

How gracious of God to gather His sheep into the fold for nurturing, protection, and safety. We are not left in the world to wander around lost and destitute. On the contrary, we are called into the divine sheepfold away from destruction and possible ruin. What great love the Father has toward us!

Within the borders of His sanctuary, God provides His children with every possible need. So much so, that our cups run over with plenty. “I shall not want” for any good thing; God will see to that. Spurgeon writes: “The wicked always want, but the righteous never; a sinner’s heart is far from satisfaction, but a gracious spirit dwells in the palace of content.”

Oh Lord, may our hearts be filled with contentment and joy in the truth that You are our Shepherd and not only shall we not want, but that shall be all we want.

God’s blessing upon you all this day,
Pastor Johnson


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