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The Joy of Answered Prayer

Prayer is a divinely instituted means of communion which due to the intercessory work of Christ requires no mediator. The New Testament doctrine of the priesthood of all believers coupled with the residence of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the believer make prayer a necessity in the Christian walk. John teaches us that […]

The Joy of Practicing Righteousness

Antinomianism is the idea that man is not under law. True antinomianism is however impossible. Total antinomianism means death. It is impossible to be free in the truest sense of the word. As much as one may wish to be free from the laws of gravity he is inescapably subject to them. Antinomianism is an […]

The Power of Christ

Churches today preach a small God. The scriptures however teach us that our God is by no means small. They seek to confine God’s standard to certain genres and areas of life. They teach that God is Lord of heaven and Satan is lord of earth. Whatever the scripture does teach about God, it is […]

The Tenth

The tithe was an important part of the Levitical priesthood. It was used to support the priests because they had no allotment in the promise land. However, was the support of the ceremonial duties of the Levites the sole purpose of the tithe? Was the tithe restricted to national Israel? Was the tithe before and […]

Victory in Christ

As Christians we claim victory over sin through Christ’s blood. However, many Christians live in a state of defeat. They act as if they have been or are being defeated by the forces of evil. They take the armor of God in a mindset of defense rather than conquering offense. They sing, “A mighty fortress […]

Christian Discipleship

Christ calls all his followers to be disciples. Some individuals have a special calling to evangelize a certain geographic area. To often however, discipleship is specially tied in the minds of Americans to outreaches to third-world countries. But this is not the case. To practice discipleship one doesn’t have to go overseas. Discipleship is simply […]