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1 Samuel 13:16-23

Brother William teaches on God’s foreordination of all history and the inherent goodness of his plan for all his elect.

1 Samuel 13:1-15

Bro. Ben Character teaches on the fault of Saul basing his decision on the morale of the people rather than trusting in the LORD and being patient.

For Whose Glory?

Brother Ben Epps teaches on God’s purpose for the Israelite kingship, the will of God in ordaining the kingship, and the inevitable glory of God despite his enemy’s opposition.

1 Samuel 12:1-25

Brother Ben Character teaches on Samuel’s admonition of the people of Israel to rely on the mercy of the Lord despite their sin.

1 Samuel 10:1-26

Brother Josh draws practical political applications out of Samuel’s (public) anointing of Saul. And, what does it mean that Saul was made into a “new man”?