Tithing is the biblical term for giving back to God.

The first biblical instance of the tithe – literally “tenth” – is seen in Genesis and is done by Abraham.

The significant aspects of this biblical example are:

  1.  Abraham gave his tithe to Melchizedek – a priest and king; “type” of Christ
  2. The tithe was given by Abraham PRIOR to the institution of the Abrahamic covenant
  3. The tithe was given after/in response to the giving of “bread and wine” by Melchizedek

These three points indicate that:

  1. The proper receiver of the tithe: Representatives of God – today this is the Church.
  2. The fact that the tithe pre-dates the “Old Covenant”
  3. The giving of the tithe is the proper response of God’s people to the Grace that He give through the body and blood sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Isn’t God good to only ask a tenth of what He has provided for us?

You may give your tithe unto the Lord by placing it in the small wooden box located by the front entrance doors.