Will The True Church Please Stand Up?

Nowadays there are a lot of organizations using the descriptor of “church” even though they are not Christian in nature. But, the word “church” was first applied to the New Testament gathering of believers of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

These believers typically did not have dedicated buildings in which to worship so they just gathered (or assembled) whereever they could in places that would accommodate everyone and were safe. Because of this, the Christian meetings were called ekklesia meaning “assembly or gathering”.

When we use the word “church” in our name we are talking about our specific group of believers that God has called and brought together here in West Blocton. But, there is a much larger idea behind the word Church.

Ultimately, God’s church is a “universal” church. It is universal because the whole “Church” of God consists of all of those called/saved souls from the beginning of time to the end. It is made up of not only all true local churches like Grace Baptist, but also those in other states, countries, and even on other continents. This is why the Church universal has been described as “invisible”.   It is so vast, covering past, present, and future, that the whole of it has never been seen.

Each Sunday those that have covenanted with Grace Baptist gather at 4411 Grey Hill Road, West Blocton and form a church which is part of God’s greater Church.


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